One Button Lane & Automation Collapse

This is something that should be Macro-able.

There should be a ONE BUTTON function which simultaneously does the following to the selected track(s)

  1. Collapses Lanes
  2. Collapses all Automation

…basically gets all that crap out of yer way.

Nobody asked me, but I have NEVER liked the whole Lanes thing as a separate accordion from the Automation.

How it should work? Glad you asked:

  1. The automation and lanes should be on a single pane… a single branch of the tree.

  2. The down error should open this PANE. And clicking it again should allow one to collapse BOTH automation and lanes in one go.

  3. The automation should appear as a child branch of the tree and the lanes as another branch under the tree.

  4. You should be able to reorder whether the automation or lanes appear first in the tree.