One CC to rule them all !!

our dear beloved DAW is really good now at audio, production, vst and composition, I think it could be the time for a “back to the roots”, ie midi features. Cubase oddly accept third parties midi effects and yet lacks of a good midi controller editor.
I would dream of:
-with a single CC of my choice : be able to select two, three or more cc slaved to that one (they would follow the master CC) , of which I could select the ranges (eg. 63 to 100) of each and as an option invert some of them (ie would run from 100 to 63)
-just as with the quick control, it would still be possible to assign each slaved cc to any vst parameter or send effect, strip …

with such a powerful midi tool it would become possible for example to, with a single cc (and by a matter of fact, a single hardware slide/button…):
-raise the ratio of a compressor and the gain
-open a filter while pushing a distortion
-push the distortion or Maximizer while lowering the gain to keep a constant loudness
-push the reverb and the delay at the same time or push the reverb while muting the delay

As it becomes possible with pro 9.5 to add up to 16 (!) send effects, ten fingers are not enough to keep everything under control. A fine edit feature (range, polarity, ratio ?..) would open endless possibilities.

Please let us become the Lords of the Midi,

One CC to rule them all !!!