One click A-B?

How can I A-B two audio tracks with one mouse click?


Use own Macro (Un-Solo All; Solo selected) or Logical Editor.

Is the macro necessary? If you have ‘Enable Solo on Selected Track’ preference set (Editing->Project & MixConsole, which you can assign to a key command) you shouldn’t need more than that, if I understand correctly what you’re trying to do. Clicking on any event on a track (not just the header) will select it.

And simply because it has just occurred to me that it might be relevant at some stage, if you’re a-b-ing mixdowns, set up a Compare Project - based on the actual project, to preserve markers, etc, but stripped of all else - and use the same technique to see how things are improving (or not…)

I use the control room to do this when comparing my track to a reference track.

  1. Enable control room.
  2. Create cue send 1 in control room.
  3. Route reference track to cue send 1 by enabling cue sends on the reference track.
  4. Disable the normal “stereo out” out put at thrisk top of mix console.
  5. Set up a key command to switch between Main and Cue 1 monitoring.

This is for me the best use of control room. Awesome feature to listen to reference track without the effects you put on your master bus etc.

Excellent. Thanks much.

Here is a mothod with “Control” clicking on solo.

You have two tracks, track A and track B.
Click on the “S” of track A to solo track A.
Hold “Control” and click on the “S” of track B to solo track B and unsolo track A.

Like this you can switch between listining to track A and B seamlessly with one click.


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Hi. Thank you for that. Is there a way to limit this to certain tracks? I have 4 different bass recording paths and they go to separate tracks. I´d like to be able to oneclick between them without muting any other channels, in order to hear them in the mix. I´m on Cubase 9.0. I can do it pretty quickly with CC121 but trying to be quick I sometimes fail. :smiley:



The Ctrl/Cmd + click trick works for every amount of tracks. The Ctrl/Cmd click just Solo the only one track where do you click to. All other tracks are muted automatically.

If you want to monitor all four tracks together instantaneously send them to a group and solo that as Martin suggests. Or, instead of a group, link them to that fader type whose name escapes me…