One-click (or key) On/Off Audition of Pitchbend?


Suppose I am playing back a MIDI part which has pitchbend info in it.

Is there a way, while the part is playing, that I can use one mouse click or keystroke to go back-and-forth between hearing the part with the PB and hearing the part without the PB?

PB motivates my question today, but I suppose the same question would apply to any controller - How to do On/Off audition without stopping the playback?

There is- Use the midi insert ‘Transformer’

Set Type is equal Pitchbend
Set function to delete. (this is non destructive)

Now use the on/off switch for the insert to play/mute the controller/pitchbend

Brilliant. Thank you!

This might also be the quickest way to audition a single channel from a multi-channel part. Love it!