one Cubase on PC and MAC with different 2 usbdongles

I have a question. I am using Cubase 7.5. When I buy it there vwas the option of getting Cubase both for Windows and Mac. I need to use the same license in two different machines one in windows the other in Mac Simultanoeusly. I got only one dongle usb. I t is possible to buy another usb dongle for my Windows pc so I can use my windows version at the same time with the marc version.
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You need one license per instance of Cubase you run simultaneously.

Thanks for the answer. So the license is for one computer only no matter the different version for different operative systems that we are allowed to download ?
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At a time, yes.

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What if I use it on two computers (windows and mac) but not simultaneously? Like making some beats on the couch/holiday on my laptop, then importing it into the desktop and continuing working there???

I’d say yes. The computer with the dongle plugged in should be able to be used. So a dongle switcher you will be. :laughing:

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