One file is fine, open another and I can't record

This happens often and I am tired of having to do workarounds, instead of the program working properly.

I’ll open a file and record/playback/everything performs as I expect.

I close that file and open another. Playback works, but I can’t record.

Nothing is changed in the settings, but I can’t record. When I try to record, I get this, an empty chunk of nothing:

How do I fix?
Many thanks!


Double-check the Audio Connections > Inputs settings, please.

If you mean VST Audio connections, they are the same in both files.
If you mean the System audio settings, they are also the same.
I’m not making ANY changes to ANY setting when I close one file and open the next.
“File A” won’t record audio, and “File B” will record audio.


The VST Connections has been renamed to Audio Connection. Therefore I was writing Audio Connections.

Th Audio/VST Connections settings Is stored with the project, so it might change without your active action.

Could you try to File > Back up project (if this function is part of your Cubase derivative)? Do you get an input to this back upped project?

Cubase Elements 8

I did File > Backup Project and used that backed-up file, but still no audio will record.

But here’s a weird thing, I went back to the original file and clicked Project > Add Track > Audio, the new track is able to record, but the existing ones still don’t.

Makes no sense.

Thanks for trying to help!