One flow - two layered metronome markings


Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere:

I have a piece running at 63pbm - a slow vocal line - and under it, floating in and out, is a riff played on another instrument playing at 70bpm. So this is effectively a 10:9 tuplet. As the vocal line is free-flowing, rather like a recit., and the accompaniment is complex, I’d rather not show the accompaniment as a tuplet. Instead, I’d like to simply create a page where I have one box showing the vocal line, with its 63bpm metro mark, another showing the accompaniment with its 70bpm line. The latter is split into fragments, which I want to place under the vocal line on the page, to show how these elements fit together. I can put the accompaniment on a second flow in the same file (or split it into several later flows, one for each fragment).
Is it possible to have two or more separate flows on one page, running line by line, so they can be layered up visually? i.e. Can I somehow write in the flow box of a page to tell it to pick up another flow, or does that mess things up? Or can I only do this by making images of the flow that’s the accompaniment and arrange the images on the page. The two pieces don’t line up strictly, as the voice is rubato, so it’s just about showing where they collide at the start of each fragment of the accompaniment.



Hi Sarah,
if I understand what you want I am quite sure that you can put two flow parallel on one page as you describe: you have to make a page (or better a template) and create music frames assigned to different sequences of letter for example MA and MB (the one starting with M being from Page Templates, the ones starting with L being created in layouts). Then you assign the flows to the relative music frames…
To align things it would probably need some manual adjustment…
(Sorry I have only my iPad currently and cannot help further…)

If you are not familiar with all this (sorry for my very summarized explanation) I suggest looking in the manual for music frames and music frames chains, music frames selectors, and also look for the many related videos on the Dorico YouTube channel.


Thanks Christian - this looks really useful. I’ll give it a try!