One for the boffins...

I was wondering if it were possible to create some kind of macro to check for consective fifths and’or octaves in a track/

In Counterpointed harmony it is not permitted to have these. so a macro to indentify these would be useful.
Maybe with the logical editor?

A consecutive fifth is when two parts a & b, have shared intervals of a fifth, in succession - i.e. two or more intervals of a fifth in the same parts.

Some goes for actaves.

One possible solution would be to have Cubase change the color of such notes, either in scoare or in the key editor or preferably both.

this would also be sueful when studying music of the common practice period


I don’t know how you would go about achieving that within Cubase, but consecutive 5ths are quite easy to hear once you start to listen for them. Octaves too, although they are a bit harder to spot. Note colouring options might help you with the octaves

I find that movement in octaves is generally fine in my string arrangements. Consecutive 4ths or 5ths can both feel out of place depending on the genre. Then again, breaking the so called ‘rules’ is the best fun!


I agree with this. Consecutives can be fine in certian contexts, particularly when used in sequences. In fact we do this all the time when comping chords. Its just when you are looking for independent voices. this question is also about learning ot stretch the logical editor or use some kind of macro to do this - is it possible.