One for the old timers :0)

I found some old *.ARR files on a dusty old backup drive, some are dated 1993 (!) and I’d like to check them out. SX3 calls them “illegal” so I downloaded Cubase VST 5 from the FTP, doubting very much that it would run on Windows 7 (I was right - there’s no “Time Bandit” on my machine, whatever that is).

I wish I hadn’t found the hard drive now :laughing: but if anyone can tell me how to load these old arrangements I would be grateful. I was working as a midi programmer at that time and I’m curious to see if I’ve improved since the old days :blush:

Hi Steve, VST 5/32 will load .all and .arr (arrangement) files, my problem is that I can’t install it on my Windows 7 64 bit PC. Looks like I’ll have to use my XP 32 bit machine. :confused: