One guilty plugin causes mutes


I am opening a Cubase session from 2012, and is FULL of plugins (around 200 inserts).

I want to stem out this project, so I basically deleted or replaced all the incompatible plugins from the project, while trying to keep a correct mix.

I still get mutes every X seconds… I went through each and every one of them, they all seem to work and authorized.

Any idea how I can find the guilty plugin(s) ?


Do you get it during playback or just on the exported audio?
Does the entire mix “mute” or just certain tracks or busses?

Thanks for helping out.

I decided to bounce stems to test if the mutes were still there, and luckily, the stems are fine.

So in the end I only get mutes on playback. (yes it was the entire mix that muted.)

Maybe it’s hardware related