one input MR816 many out to DAW

I have two MR816CSX’s and one UR824
Word Clock comes out of the UR824 goes to one of the MR816CSX’s and then to the
other MR816CSX, using the Bmx connectors. In other words Diasy Chained.
The out ,everything uses ADAT, connectors go to the A input of the MR824

The out of the other unit connector go to the B input of the MR824
And as you know the outs of the MR824 go to the in’s of the MR816’s.
I have input to cubase 8.5.
The problem is that, if you just have ONE input to one MR816 then
all the inputs go or follow that one input.

The same thing happens when you do the same with the other MR816.

I need to know WHY???
What do I have hooked up wrong???
Yes, I have looked at the other post.