One instrument track triggers Another

New to Cubase,

I add a Kontakt instrument track and load united strings of Europe violins. My next instrument track is Miroslav Philharmonlk 2 French horns. When I enter Fr horns and go to a G below Middle C, the violin patch from Kontakt starts to trigger. That’s strange behavor to me.
My question is does each instrument track patch have to have a different channel? Why the leakage from one to another?
Michael Warren

So you have two separate instrument tracks, each with one instance of Kontakt? There should be no leakage, apart from the following scenario: If you have “record enable” or “monitor” activated on the first track while trying to play on the second one, the first track will receive the midi notes, too.
Here’s a screenshot:
Track 02 is active and record enabled, but track 1 is monitor enabled. You will hear the instrument of track 1, too, when playing on your keyboard.

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Thank you! Thank you!
One thing I’ve learned over the years dealing with computers and software is that if you find something that works
, don’t waste time questioning why it works that way just do it. Your solution was great.
Thanks for the third time, it was driving me crazy.
Michael Warren