One Key Command for all edit windows?

Hi guys, there used to be a way to open any edit window (audio part editor, midi, wave editor etc) by simply selecting and clicking RETURN. Now it has to be a different Key Command, which really isn’t necessary…

I always just double click on the event which opens it. There’s also the “Show/Hide Lower Zone” key command which you can assign to any key

I didn’t have this problem in the past.

Before I could select a combination of audio and midi parts, some past the edge of the screen etc and open them all at once. These type of actions are cumbersome when double-clicking.

Now if I click the wrong key, a midi part will open instead of my audio part etc.

Before, just selecting anything and clicking return worked, regardless of the type of window editor.

It’s a step backwards when something works great, and it gets removed for no apparent reason…