One Launch but TWO Openings

Every so often I will launch Nuendo 7 and I will notice the icon blinking in the tool tray. When I investigate that blinking icon I find that TWO INSTANCES OF NUENDO HAVE OPENED. :astonished: I have no idea why it does this and the fix is simple enough (I just closed the extra instance of N7). But this does cause other issues.

This morning it understandably confused my Controllers on which of the two instances they should attach themselves. But the bigger issue was that it wiped out my CR! When I opened my project, it said that my CR wasn’t connected and, when I opened the CR, ALL OF MY MONITOR SETTINGS WERE GONE!

Again, simple enough fix. It took about 2 minutes to set up my 3 monitor outs (5.1, 2.0 & 2.1) again and, from that point on, everything worked fine. Has anybody else had this happen?

Yes, I’ve had that with either Nuendo or some other app. In my case it’s a “glitchy” trackball that sometimes decides that my single-clicks are in fact double-clicks, and since my Windows is set up to open on single clicks it’ll try to open two instances.

But that’s all I can recall as far as this goes.

So, the double launch didn’t screw up your template, right? This was a first for me.

I don’t see how you’ve managed to do that.

If I double-click on the Nuendo icon only a single instance of N7 will be launched. Even if I deliberately click on it a second time once it is clear that the first instance is launching, only one instance will be launched.

Keyplayer, Double launching didn’t screw up any templates.

Chris, I don’t know how I managed it, but I know it’s happened. I mean, it’s something local to my old computer most likely, and it wasn’t frequent at all.

It’s happened to me several times on both my old Win 7 PC (2009) and my new Win 10 PC (2016). Both of these units were built by ADK. But this is the 1st time it screwed up a template. :cry: