one license two computers

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There are many options for what you want to do. You can buy a cheaper version of Cubase, like Elements, or maybe you already have a device that came with a license to Cubase Ai.

But the deal is clear, one license, one Cubase at a time. You make a good case for buying one of the other programs you mentioned. Why haven’t you? Is it because, in your opinion Cubase is actually better?

The only permanent way to use Cubase Pro on two computers at the same time (legitimately) is to buy another license.

not free… maybe 2. or 3. license should be given a more affordable price. or two dongle should use one license.

Well… Steinberg offered one license for a price and you accepted the deal. No point in complaining now. The deal has been made. Consider your purchase more carefully next time…

Steinberg could give Cubase with license for 2 workstations. They could be linked, like master and slave. I would use this to work on 2 machines connected via vst system link. Or at least we could get ability to use older versions of Cubase via vst system link. After all, we purchased those older versions already, and we can already use them on the same machine together with latest version. Why not give us ability to use older versions on another machine?


When we upgrade to a newer version, it is sort of like “trading in” the older version for a discount on a newer version. The bottom line is that we still only own one license. Steinberg COULD do lots of things differently but this is the model they have chosen to use.
However you look at, it absolutely is asking for something for free (I.e. It is asking for more usage capability without paying more).

It is common for consumers to come up with some logic to justify why they should get something for free.
Some favorites are, “it’s not fair!”, or, “I can’t afford it!”, or, “I am being forced…” Calling a sales policy “stupid” after one has already agreed to it is baffling. Comparing prices to other, similar products, especially while acknowledging that the more expensive product is preferred is also puzzling.

“The grocer SHOULD give me the bananas for free because he can’t possibly sell them all before they go bad.”
But if he does that, and the consumers know it, he won’t sell ANY bananas.
It is the same with Cubase licenses. Some need two licenses and are willing to pay for two licenses. Others need or want two licenses but not badly enough to pay for the extra. The bottom line is that whatever additional usage capability given takes away potential additional sales.

Anyway, eventually, SB has to decide what terms (including the price) that they want to market their product under. If those terms are acceptable to the consumer, they purchase the product. We wouldn’t like it if SB came to us, after the fact and wanted more money. We would say, “we had an agreement.” Likewise, it is not fair for us to ask for more after the purchase.

I have paid for 2 licenses, why should others have it for free ? That would not be fair IMHO

IS YOUR FATHER STEINBERG’S BOSS? or king’s in your country? Why are you doing opposition? Steinberg company is capitalist…one computer - one license- one activation code - one eLicenser!.. ahh ok! perfect!..
we are pour MR. RICHIE RICH! and we want to make Music! and i’m a student! -so it is not even support by e-mail… just forum!..and i written here. If they have a support mail, I can write there. I began to get angry so SHUT UP!
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Yes, SB is a business, not a charity. I also support capitalism as an economic system.
People have been making music for a long time without two Cubase licenses. Just because some things are available doesn’t mean you are entitled to them. Do you go into the music store and demand a free guitar because you can’t afford to pay for it and you just want to make music?

You are wrong from the first post in this thread.

I live in a third world country (Brazil). I am not rich, so Steinberg should give me some free licenses too. Not much, maybe 5 or 15! :laughing:

Okey. Roger! I m changing my daw with logic pro x or studio one 3
140€ full version. No dongle/ One activation code and limitless os. And they have support center With mail. Not only user forum. Topic was really closed

Nope :slight_smile: