One license with upgrade?

I’ve always had two licenses per copy of Cubase, I think? But with my upgrade I only got one e-licenser code. Am I crazy, do you only get one?

This is a bit urgent as the upgrade to 9 seems to have killed my e-licenser? I’d really like to get back to work but I’m getting constant errors like “Application LCC2 has caused the following error: ???” and “Application LCC2 has caused the following error: Materializing failed.” and Cubase 9 (or 8.5) not launching. And I have several other licenses on that e-licenser like Vienna Ensemble.



Try to install an older eLCC from the Archive, please.

I don´t think, unless you bought 2 copies.

If you bought one update, you get one code. If you buy two updates you get two codes…

I had problems with 6.10.4.xxxx, upgraded to and am seeing the same thing.


Isn’t it related to this?

Could be. I have an email support claim in to them.

(Is there really no telephone support in the USA? I don’t want to answer 10 basic “Is the computer on?” questions back and forth over email. And I have several other issues I’d like to discuss.)