One line staff with two voices

I would like to have one single-line staff with one up-stem voice and one down-stem voice, both notated as x-notes. I have tried a bit with percussion notation but no success. How should this be done?

It is for notating rhythmical speech. I will also insert lyrics.


You can make a 1 line staff with an XML edit.
To get a note on the line use a pitch of E.
If you want to change the noteheads, this can be done in the Notehead Set Editor in Engrave Mode.
Voice (292 KB)

Perfect! Thanks a lot, I will try this out immediately.

Dear developers,

could this method be natively implemented into Dorico for normal staves and percussion staves?

PRKO, this is very much on their radar. To m knowledge we haven’t had any particular confirmation of when custom transpositions / instrumental definitions / customizable staves will come, but it will undoubtedly be added in due time.

Provided you don’t need up-stem and down-stem notes to rhythmically overlap, you should be able to do this using a regular single-line percussion instrument by successively flipping the stem of each note as needed. It’s a bit awkward with percussion instruments, because you need to force the stem direction of every note (unless you disable the options for allowing Dorico to change the stem direction contextually in Engraving Options).

Thank you for your explanations.
There is an instrument janggu (or changgu, changgo, janggo) in Korea.
It is one of the most beloved percussion instrument.

Its notation is as follows:

As far as I know, These notations are not possible on percussion instrument in Dorico.

Please refer to the following thread on Facebook:

So far as I know the only one of those notations that would not be possible in Dorico at the moment would be Deong, where you need to show a notehead both above and below the staff at the same time. With a single-line percussion instrument you can show notes both above and below the line, but not simultaneously.

We are well aware that there is a further convention for notating two percussion instruments either side of a single line, and we hope to address this in a future version.

Thank you for your positive consideration.

I have a recent need for this as well (two perc. instruments on either side of a single line). Very much looking forward to the implementation. HOWEVER, having recently moved from Finale I am loving Dorico. I am wrangling “percussion kit” concepts at the moment but they seem straightforward and a very good solution to multiple instruments per stave (5 line, grid, or single line).