One melody in two transpositions?

If I have a system with one melody, can I make a layout with Bb- and Eb-transpositions of it without creating a new staff?

Yes, create a new layout with the transposition and clef overrides. See here: Layouts with clef/transposition overrides

Yes I know, but I want the Bb and Eb part on the same layout, two versions from one part on the same sheet

If I understand correctly, maybe you could add a Bb and Eb instrument to the same player and hide the instrument change?

Edit: If you’re looking to avoid duplicating the music, this won’t work.

You could add the music to the Bb player then cue it into the Eb player (who doesn’t have any of their own music) and change various options so that cues appear full-size (Engraving Options > Cues), bar rests aren’t shown alongside cues (Notation Options > Rests), and cues are shown in the relevant layouts (Layout Options > Players > Cues). There are also properties in the bottom panel for hiding/showing clefs in cues and cue labels if needed. The cue should appear at the correct pitch in transposing layouts.


That’s very clever Lillie, thanks.

Is Lillie’s solution what you wanted? You said you didn’t want another staff so I ruled that out.

Yes, actually I first wondered if it was possible to avoid on more player, but maybe it easiest to do that

I guess something fancy with different music frames would do the trick, but you’ll have to decide whether it’s worth the time and effort.

Exactly, I’ll do it the obvious way with one more player. Or maybe I can let the player have two instruments and play them simultaneously? Soprano and alto (remember Roland Kirk <:-)