One MIDI track - multiple VSTi's?

New to the forum and pretty new to Cubase. Been using DAWs for about 5 years total though.
And here’s a question for those of you who are complete bosses at MIDI in Cubase! I am using v. 7.5.

I have two bass VSTi’s with two different tones (built with plugins) that I have layered on top of each other. (Both tracks are the Scarbee MM-Bass in Kontakt 5)

My question - Ideally I would want to have only ONE instance of the VSTi that two chains could process, each processing the stock sound, reading a single MIDI track. Is there a way for me to do this with group tracks or something else?
I can’t find a way to route any track at all to more than one group track, and group tracks seems to be the only way to send 100% of a signal into another track.

Using normal sends from the VSTi doesn’t seem to work either, as it would be the raw sound of the VSTi mixed in with the plugin-chains, and I don’t want that. The stock sound has to be completely processed, or the whole point is gone.

If that’s not possible, having two bass VSTi’s is ok, though not ideal. But how can I, at least, make both of them read the same MIDI track? Searched around, and I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for online.
My reason for asking being workflow conveniency AND, in the ideal situation previously explained, save CPU power!

I hope I posted this on the right thread and all, not a big forum user, haha! I also hope this wasn’t a pain to understand/read.
Feel free to make me specify further, if that’s the case

If it helps at all, you can listen to what I am working on here. I uploaded it privately just for this post:
In this case I had to copy the midi track, and I don’t want two of those to worry about when still adding more parts and notes.
I don’t mind complex answers or solutions. :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek:

Thanks for helping out! Cheers <3

So long as you are using “regular” MIDI tracks, routed to the VST Instrument Rack, rather than (the otherwise probably simpler :wink: ) Instrument Tracks, the MIDI track has MIDI Sends available, where you can send the basic output to a maximum of four other MIDI destinations (with the possibility of inserting one MIDI insert on each MIDI Send)

Hey, thanks for answering!
But it doesn’t seem to work like that for me.

I get this drop down menu when clicking on the empty send slots on the track called MIDI 01, the track I want to trigger every bass hit on both the MM-Bass VSTis. You can see both of my MM-Bass tracks underneath. If I could just simply select existing tracks in my project on this menu, it would work. But I can’t?
quick edit None of the group tracks for the basses underneath are in use yet

Hmm, you’ve just spotted something wrong with the Edit Settings Window for MIDI Tracks! (It doesn’t show destinations).
Instead, use the “Sends” tab in the MIDI Track’s Inspector.

Thank you! This response was particularly helpful.