One month on with a new(er) build fully optimised and Cubase 12.0.52

Well , after a month of optimising and backwards and forwards with Steinberg tech support ( who have been brilliant ) i can fairly say .52 is now very very stable , so with the update of the Media bay and Scannow (win 10), plus letting C12 rebuild it’s preferences everything runs sweet as a nut . Some of the problem was the preferences going back to C10 , so for now on i think it’s best just to let the new version of Cubase build the preferences and then copy the important user preferences across .

Finally i can use GA5se without any hickups again . Just goes to show we may think our systems are not a fault but so many factors creep in . OPTIMISATION being the biggest part to play for a health DAW


Good to hear. Unfortunately, human nature is such that it will always be someone else’s fault.
I haven’t had any major problems with Cubase since version 4 (don’t go there, still traumatised!)


Thanks for posting this, @FilterFreq !

I can also attest to an experience with a Cubase preference file having gone crazy, and starting out with a clean preferences file solved the stability problems I had increasingly encountered.

Of course to this day, plugins (also related to the VST3 transition for some plugins that were stable as VST2) may cause grief — or fiddling with midi controllers and inadvertently causing an endless midi feedback loop :rofl:

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It’s nearly always a corrupt preference or dodgy plug-in causing issues. Always best to start with fresh prefs with a new version of Cubase.

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Yes, but a big pain in the neck to redo as many customizations as some of us have made.

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Now worries , I think my preference folder was from C10 , might even be older so it was due a new version , the only thing i had to rebuild was the controlroom which only took a few minutes ,

Ohh yes humans a good at passing the buck , is it stubbornest or naivety ?
I haven’t had major issues but trying to add a new graphics card while fully removing the old out of date drivers was a bit of a mare due the the GT730 not being supported with the ‘Studio drivers’ ,so absolutely no graphics software has been installed ,just the basic driver BUT Steinberg support explained in detail all the steps to take and "touch wood " everything seems to be running really really well …Just in time for the .60 update …and so the cycle begins again :rofl: :rofl:

Yep totally , never had issues with plugins as i only use 4 different vendors that are tried and tested but i think you are right about rebuilding the preferences on a major update

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