One month since i lost my c11 license. (Transfer Pending)

@Matthias_Quellmann @Ben_at_Steinberg

On Thursday it will be 4 weeks since I lost my C11 license while upgrading to C12. Please help!!

While upgrading to C12 the servers were overloading and I lost my connection, leaving my C11 license stuck in transfer. In elicenser it is marked as "transfer pending. For the past 4 weeks I have been trying to “recover license” every day with no luck. Here is a screenshot of what I get from elicenser:

I have also created a video to show you what steps I have been taking:


Hello. I’m think you must contact steinberg support or doing steinberg license zero downtime reactivation. Deactivate and activate again.
And update elcc to latest version.
After doing maintenance.
Best regards.

@Viktor_K he is on the latest elc.

@bad_haircut The vid and screenshots are old. You should launch the Elicenser and run maintenance and take a screenshot to show the status as of now.

@bad_haircut Could you please send me your support ticket number? I will talk to our team. Unfortunately there is nothing that I can do from my side in your case.

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The other thing that would be helpful is your eLicenser number. PM that to either me or Matthias and we can try and get this unblocked.

Thank you!! @Matthias_Quellmann @Ben_at_Steinberg

My support ticket #02664017

And I will PM you my elicenser number.