One more moan at the license technology

Hi folks,

I love Dorico - it’s fast becoming my tool of choice - although I use the nameless one for a lot of work for other people, I mainly use Dorico for my own projects.

So why am I currently exhaustively logging in to the Avid website, and copying my reg details in yet again to activate that other software?

Because I left the d*** dongle for Dorico at home, and its necessary second dongle to connect it to my USB C socket.

Can we not just agree that any one user that uses this software is going to need 2 licenses? One for the desktop and one for the laptop - that makes sense surely? I don’t know a single person that doesn’t. I would happily even pay a little extra to have a multi-user license just for that functionality, because it massively gets in the way of my work on a regular basis. I would not like to pay another £480 however (plus yearly upgrade costs) for that privilege.

Or could we follow the apple closed system model? If your account is associated with that computer, you can use multiple copies of the software?

I can understand trying to protect yourself against piracy, and maximising your profits, but this does not induce me to spend more money…

End rant - thank you for your time. Smiley face. Winky face.


Evidently you’re not aware that they’re in the process right now as we speak of changing the license technology? There have been at least two dozen different threads about it.

Why thank you. Yes I am, and have been aware of it for over a year now. Ah look! I put your reply and those threads into my Steinberg licensing centre and Lo! Nothing happened. Oh wait no, Halion’s crashed on me.

[“what am I like” emoji]


Check your private messages: I have sent you a temporary Dorico activation code that will get you back up and running.

Thanks Dan! Can’t say fairer than that for customer service x