One more question/problem VST please help

Hi guys, I’m almost done with all my questions for now. :slight_smile: I am attempting to install my EWQL PLAY Plugin and have done everything as described in the Knowledgebase article…I think.

Here I demo what I did:

Hope this help…and sorry for asking so much assistance.


Hi Hans,

I can’t hear anything from your video, but what I see looks all okay. You edited the whitelist correctly.
Try following:
Stop Dorico, go to C:\Users<yourname>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VSTAudioEngine_64 and delete that folder. Now start again. Does PLAY now get recognized?

Where is PLAY installed on your machine?

Hi Ulf, nice to speak to you again!

  1. I copied the PLAY VST dll from where it was originally installed and CREATED a VST2 folder in the “Common files” folder as there was no VST2 folder…only VST3. Then I pasted the PLAY dll into the VST2 folder. Please see pic.

  2. Another video.

I deleted the contents of the VSTAudioEngine_64 folder as “access was denied” again and there is NO process open to prevent the delete…BUT the contents of that folder was deleted. I run Dorico and is DOES read the PLAY VST, but still does not show up. Please see video. (There should be sound)

Thanks my friend! :slight_smile:

Hello Hans,

thanks again for the video and the screen capture. You give excellent information, wish that any user would do so here in the forum instead of just saying: it doesn’t work… :wink:

Why you can’t delete that folder, I don’t know, but as you showed, it was empty. So as you now ran Dorico/VSTAudioEngine again, it should be filled up again. Could you please zip up that whole folder and post here?

You know it’s weekend, don’t know when I’ll be back here, but latest on Monday again.


FWIW I’ve whitelisted several VST2s and they work fine, except PLAY which I, despite having employed all the tricks of the trade, cannot make appear in Dorico. This is with the latest version 5.0.0, but I seem to remember having a read about some having success with earlier versions…

I can’t get Play to work on my Win10 installation either, despite having done everything which others have listed here. I did install Play 4 to see if that would work, but that didn’t work either, so I reinstalled Play 5.

There is a blacklist.xml file somewhere in the bowels of the Dorico installation, and I noticed that Play was an entry in that file. So I deleted that file, restarted Dorico and still Play didn’t appear. But I noticed that the blacklist.xml file reappeared, with the Play listing still in it.

In a different thread either Daniel or Paul (I can’t remember which) mentioned that the blacklist file is created automatically if Dorico finds there’s a problem with a particular VST dll. I can’t imagine why there would be a problem with it on my computer – it works great standalone mode as well as in Sibelius and Sonar. Play even works in the other Steinberg product I have installed, Cubase Elements 8, which is really frustrating because if Cubase can find it and use it, then Dorico should be able to also. I’m hoping that the two development teams can talk to each other to get things straightened out. They obviously work together which is why the Expression Maps is now working and editable in Dorico, which is wonderful.

Hi Ulg, I’m glad you prefer the video bug reporting. I thought it might be irritating. :slight_smile:

I attached the folder as requested.

Blessed week for you
Hans (430 KB)

My blacklist.xml does not list PLAY. :confused:

In “c:\Users\Lu*****\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\VSTAudioEngine_64\logs\VSTAudioEngine.log” list PLAY as whitelisted!

2016-12-02 22:30:55 : Read VST2 White List ---------- :
2016-12-02 22:30:55 : Kontakt 5 16out=>5653544E694F376B6F6E74616B742035
2016-12-02 22:30:55 : ARIA Player VST_x64=>565354474152416172696120706C6179
2016-12-02 22:30:55 : play_VST_x64=>565354706C6179706C61795F7673745F
2016-12-02 22:30:55 : VST2WhiteList : Kontakt 5 16out
2016-12-02 22:30:55 : VST2WhiteList : ARIA Player VST_x64
2016-12-02 22:30:55 : VST2WhiteList : play_VST_x64
2016-12-02 22:30:55 : Plugin accepted: Kontakt 5 16out.dll
2016-12-02 22:30:55 : Plugin refused: Kontakt 5.dll
2016-12-02 22:30:55 : Plugin refused: Symphonic Orchestra.dll
2016-12-02 22:30:55 : Finish scanning VST3 Plugins…


Hello Hans,

you might not have realized it, but there is a file called “Vst2xPlugin Blacklist VSTAudioEngine.xml”, and according to that, Play is also blacklisted on your system.


Some general words on the blacklist “feature”:

Just because a plug-in gets blacklisted, doesn’t mean that it won’t work together with Dorico (or Cubase or other DAWs), but our plug-in sentinel found an issue with it, that may lead to instabilities during runtime. So for safety reasons those plug-ins as identified risky get blacklisted. And simply whitelisting such plug won’t overrule it.

As for the reason, why Play does get blacklisted, I don’t know. I have to check with our engineering team, if we are already in contact with EastWest. As was already mentioned, this not only affects Dorico, but also Cubase and Nuendo.

Play is working fine with Cubase, and it’s not in Cubase’s Blacklist. Do you imply that it will be blacklisted in Cubase 9?
I was surprised to find Kontakt 5_16out in Cubase’s blacklist file, as it works fine with both Cubase and Dorico…

Hi Ulf, It’s curious hat THIS guy (in pic) got PLAY to work in Dorico.

Over in this threat…

PEACE! :slight_smile:

Then why not PM that person and ask how it was done? Most folks on this forum are happy to share.

Hi guys,

I’ve checked with my colleagues, and the thing is:

Yes, with Play 5, there is an issue, so Play 5 will get refused by our plug-in sentinel (in both, Cubase and Dorico). Older versions of Play are not affected and do get loaded.
However, we are in contact with East West and they are working on a fix, respectively have already a fix that will soon get released.

So please be a bit patient and check East West for updates.

Thank you so much Ulf for the trouble you took investigating this matter. It is well appreciated.

Keep well

I still don’t understand what you mean by refused by Cubase… as it has been working fine since release…

Play 5 works fine with my installation of Cubase Elements 8.

Mine too! I have the exact Cubase as yours…and PLAY 5 works! :astonished:

It is just a pity about Dorico…but I know Ulf…he will sort this very small, insignificant piece of C++ bug out in no time…I mean…how difficult can it now be to change the dll’s “max” version value, for accepted “Play” versions, from “4” to “5” in Dorico’s Cerebral Cortex…what do you say, Ulf?? :ugeek: :wink: (JUST HAVING FUN WITH YOU!)

And WHAT’S with this “vst2whitelist.txt” (extension)? ran out of “xml” usage licenses? Hiehiehieeee!

How are you boys (girls also?), over there at Steinberg…hopefully you do not have a “Blue Monday”. It’s a beautiful sunny day way down the Southern Hemisphere over here in Cape Town…and the birds is CHEERPING!!! Or shall I say, SCREAMING IN TOP “VOICE”!!! My neighbour decided, a few years back, he needs more money, so he started breeding these HUGE white Parrot’s…but I mean, HUGE (10X bigger than that midget parrot on Jack Sparrow’s stooge’s shoulder). He’s got 8 of those (male and female) feathered covered loud speakers SCREAMING from 07H00…for MOST OF THE DAY! It’s like a Bird Sanctuary next door! HOW, HOW, HOW am I to get inspiration and creativity…forget Prozak…must go find one of Bob Marley’s priests in the forest!

But I hope you guys enjoy your peaceful LIGHT traffic on the “Autobahn” enjoying a cup of espresso, and air-conditioned offices, blinds drawn, while you discuss how to get PLAY TO WORK keeping in mind this poor soul…sweating in front of Dorico (you should see my fan blowing “cool” air…it’s covered with 10 cm strings of dust…must go clean it)…drinking stale coffee…waiting in anticipation for Dorico to display that most important Dialogue Box…“New Update Available…Do you want to proceed?” Regarding the “Yes”/“No” buttons…why is there a “No” button? :smiley:

GOSH! I MUST put soundproofing on my studio’s walls. No, I don’t have a recording studio. I publish and did not (until now) needed soundproofing. Or…an Anaconda!!! :smiling_imp:

Sure, Cubase 8 doesn’t have the plug-in sentinel, yet, so it will load just any plug-in, whether good one or bad.

And as mentioned elsewhere, the fact that the plug-in sentinel refuses a plug-in doesn’t necessarily mean that it wouldn’t work with Cubase (or Nuendo or Dorico), there is just a risk of instability.

That is the reason why we introduced that sentinel. If a badly programmed plug-in crashes the host (Cubase/Dorico), users usually blame Steinberg for this. Then they say, Cubase easily crashes, where in fact it’s not Cubase but a dodgy plug-in that brings the system down. So with the plug-in sentinel we try to detect plug-ins that may cause issues and then refuse to load them.


your sense of humor is killing me :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: