One more question/problem VST please help

Then you should read my post again. I expanded on my wonderful day so far.

:laughing: I really don’t envy you. True, it’s pretty quiet here in our office, at least at the moment as many developers come in late. And by the way, yes, we do have some Ladies here, also as programmers. Mind you though with the blinds and aircon, we are in the northern hemisphere and close to the shortest day of the year, so, pretty dark and grim at the moment…
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So even though my Play5 works fine with Cubase Elements 8 are you suggesting that with Cubase Elements 9, should I upgrade, Play5 will stop working simply because someone at Steinberg thinks it might cause instability, the way that Dorico is doing on my computer?

Can you explain why on some Windows10 computers, Play is allowed to work while on others it isn’t? Perhaps whatever mechanism is used to determine what is shown in the blacklist is a bit too sensitive?

I understand many users’ blaming Steinberg when a crash caused by a plug-in isn’t their fault, and thus I can understand Steinberg’s desire to prevent such mis-aimed blame by using this “sentinel” method, but such a thing should be consistent from computer to computer using the same operating system I would think.

In any event, thank you, Ulf, for taking the time to explain these things to us and for reading the concerns that we end-users have. I sure hope that Play5 is able to be used with Dorico – I’ve got $1000 tied up in EWQL libraries and I would hate to think that I won’t be able to use them with Steinberg products.

Yes, Cubase Elements 9 will also refuse to load Play 5.0 . And it’s not because “someone” at Steinberg thinks it’s not worthy, it’s because the plug-in sentinel tries to load it and “interrogates” the plug-in. If it’s passes this technical check, it will continue loading, if not get blacklisted. So there are objective technical reasons for refusing and not a measure of like/dislike or bribery.
Of course, Steinberg has also no interest in refusing plug-ins, that’s why we are in close contact with plug-in manufacturers and explain why we refuse plugs and help them to overcome this.

The blacklisting doesn’t depend on Operating System version, but simply on the host version, i.e. Cubase version. The plug-in sentinel gets/got introduced with Cubase 9 resp. Dorico 1.0 . So whatever OS you run that version on, Play 5.0 will get refused. But as stated elsewhere, EastWest will come out soon with an update (probably 5.0.1) and that will also then load fine in Cubase 9 or Dorico.

Does this clarify things a bit?

You and I, BOTH buddy…you and I BOTH!!

And I believe we are NOT allowed to sell our EWQL Libraries…so we are STUCK with it (NEVER USED ONCE) after spending so much for it. But these are quality libraries…not some small time creation. And I have the Choirs (that can sing words…never even heard it on my system) AND SPACES!..All wasted?? THAT will be a terrible loss and shame. Notion 5 really does PLAY very well. I like the way the score (sound) is set up in Notion. Each staff can be assigned a VST…and IT WORKS!..even including all the playing techniques. But, Notion 6 engraving is still found wanting…BIG TIME!

That being said, HALion Orchestra is pretty darn decent. Having played with the VST a bit, Dorico makes use of MUCH more MIDI messages/properties than Finale and Sibelius. There are quite A LOT of Send FX and plugins already accessible by Dorico (see pic) that can be used to make the HALion Orchestra sound very good. The choir sucks! Sorry!

Now, the graphic GUI designers at Steinberg must just create a “nicer” looking mixer…looking a bit more modern. I know, I know…the “under-the-hood” is more important, but aesthetics makes me looking forward to LOOK at Dorico. That will come, I know.


That does indeed clarify things a lot, except that it fails to explain why some Dorico users have been able to get Play5 to work and others haven’t.

But regardless, as long as EWQL is coming out with a version of Play that will be compatible with Cubase and Dorico I will be happy. Thank you for taking the time to explain this.