One new improvement I would like to seein a future version of Cubase

I wan’t to add to new requesed feature but could not fine a place to enter the request.
Please forgive be for mis- posting in a incorrect place in advance. I could not find a way to post in requested features header.
I am from the age of analog and also have been working with digital audio for over 30 years. .
I enjoy most of the fabulous features in cubase 13 pro.
I now work a lot on a MacBook lap top in order to be moble.
I would love to see the addition of a dedicated screen for just tacking and syncing multitrack audio , either live or in the studio, with transport.
This screen could be minimal and fit nicely on a portable screen . It could be a welcome addition to the process of tracking a project .
Plugins and EQ could either be set up in advance or later and then minimized.
The performers could have separate mixes and the the lap top could act as both a stage and monitor mix controller .
Layers of fader groups namable on the screen with mix recall .
It could be designed quite intuitive and even retro looking.
0n returning to the studio or beginnnng to mix and master ,one could then utilize the other screens for after the tracking.
I know we can sort of do this now with a little tweaking , however a dedicated key or soft click to bring up such an option would speed up work flow greatly.
Just a thought ,but it seems it would be an added value item especially for those of us the work only in tracking live musicians. Thanks.