One note, one feature request

  1. Actually, a comment. I upgraded to 11.1, the licensing went smooth (unlike the upgrade to C12.) However, the colour scheme changed. No big deal, just a note.

.2. Question: Is there any thought towards integrating Spectral Layers–a plug-in replacement for Spectral Editing? I don’t mean as an external editor, I mean so that it works in place of Spectral Editing–inside, seamlessly. SL seems (finally) fully baked and it’s pretty handy. But it takes a while to load, which makes it just enough of an effort that I don’t use it as often as I could.

Indeed, only the Light and Black themes are supported from WaveLab 11.1, and no longer the intermediate skin.


I would like to take this opportunity to suggest that users get to know the power and convenience of the ‘built in’ Spectral Editor and Waveform editor. I should say I own both RX Advanced and Spectral Layers so it’s not about the money. Once I made the effort to dig deeper into the WL built in and create a few user presets for my workflow, I was super impressed with how quick, powerfully transparent and convenient this is for stereo mastering.

I’m not saying I would use it in, say audio post where RX rules, but in my humble view it rewards the effort made.

The new re-write for Waveform editor is really good.

Anyway, I’ll just leave that thought here.

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I agree. The only thing lacking (for me) in the WL Spectral Editor is the ability to freely draw selections and to do multiple selections. That’s kinda my main interest.