One of my key commands has stopped working

I’ve been happily using my key command for Paste Special>Reduce for some days, but today it stopped working. I confirmed it was still there in Preferences, and even re-input it, but to no avail. And although it can be seen in Preferences, it doesn’t appear in the context menu when I go to Paste Special>Reduce.

The key command I chose was Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R. By doing this I overrode something about running a script, which I’m unlikely to use (mainly because I don’t know what it means), but is it a bad key combination to choose for some operational reason? The same key combination, but with E instead of R, continues to work perfectly as my key command for Explode.

Did you recently update a Graphics Driver? They often steal key combinations.

No, I didn’t, though that fact is useful to know. The strange thing is that it refuses to ‘take’ even if I start the operation from scratch, although all the signs in the key commands dialog suggest that the shortcut is operational.

There’s no reason why this shortcut shouldn’t work. I hate to ask a stupid question, so please forgive me, but are you definitely in Write mode?

[Latest - this resolved itself temporarily after a computer restart. However, today it’s as before - the command from context menu works, but the shortcut doesn’t…]

I am, yes, and all my other shortcuts are working. It’s the fact that this particular shortcut stopped working after being fine for weeks that’s puzzling me, plus the fact that it has disappeared from the dropdown context menu (my shortcut for Explode is still there, and working), while being still there in Preferences - this is the display after my attempt to get it working by removing the previous key command - i.e. the one that stopped working - and adding the same combination from scratch:

Here’s the dropdown I get using the context menu - as you can see, there’s no mention of the Reduce shortcut, despite its being shown (as above) in Preferences:

I have tons of custom key commands and it does happen frequently that some stop working. Usually rebooting will correct the situation but not always. I never could make sense out of it or figure out a pattern.

That’s most interesting,

Queb, thanks. With my particular case I can attest to the same thing - when I reboot, my shortcut is either there or it isn’t. (Yesterday - yes; the day before - no; the day before that - yes…). But today it was there at the start of the session, but not an hour or two later. As you say - no discernable pattern.

Because it happened again (this time with Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D for Duplicate to Staff Below), I removed the key command and tried to reinstate it from scratch. However, I found that the system resolutely refused it - more specifically it wouldn’t include the Ctrl keystroke in the combination. Ctrl followed by a letter, I found, was OK, as well as all sorts of other combinations, but not the one I wanted. In the end I had to make do with another one (exactly the same but without Ctrl), but it would be so nice to have my old one back!