One of the most important pieces of advice I can give if your keyboard isn't working ......

If in doubt, switch it.

I’ve got back into Dorico after a good ten months building a campervan. This week I’ve tried to get back up to speed and put my toe into the water with expression maps.
There have been numerous times where I’ve had to close windows, open others and check why something isn’t working when logic tells me that it worked like that before.

I came across Paul’s posting about PLAY only updating after you press play to refresh it. That was an eye-opener.
Another one is where the midi keyboard (USB) suddenly doesn’t respond anymore. Try changing ‘track’ (switch violin 1 to violin 2 and back again) and suddenly it comes back on line.

After saving my work last night and resurrecting it again this morning, the Nektar P6 wasn’t responding. Again I changed track, still not responding. After about 10 mins in I took the surgical knife to proceedings and did what we used to do in the old days…turn it off and on again and Hey Presto! It’s working again.

I’m only putting this out there in case the same happens to others.

Now, onto the penultimate lap in getting these expression maps and template sorted.

Yes, I have also discovered the beauty of the little hardware switch on my midi keyboard - which I have to use sometimes.

A wish to the developers: to have a little button in Dorico to “refresh” MIDI devices. What about making the little green blinking an active one (so it can be clicked by the mouse)?