One Of These Days

Hi there ,heres a band i used to play with playing Floyd stuff, we recorded a couple of gigs live with cubase 4 about 5 years back ,im just having a go at re-mixing them ,any comments on the mix are welcome. ta

an updated mix 2 :unamused:

Mix sounds ok here though it’s such a subjective thing innit :sunglasses: maybe the synth is a touch loud at the beginning…

A polite question if I may :slight_smile: is there not a copyright issue with playing other peeps stuff on this forum, I ask because I’m not at all sure myself :slight_smile:
don’t want you getting into bother…

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

thanks i`ll have another look

Sounds good on my system, and I think you retained the sound of that time frame pretty well too. Liking the bass guitar sound, doesn’t get very deep esp at the beginning, but it’s likely due to key signature.

thanks for your positive comments Bane ,i will look at this again when i get the time . :slight_smile:

Nice job, the mix sounds good. Agree that a bit more low end on the bass (probably below 100hz) would fill the mix out.

Generally it sounds pretty good though I think the bass is a bit ‘toppy’ and could well do with some additional bottom end as mentioned. Overall I think the balance and feel of the mix needs to lean more toward ‘darker and broodier’. My memory of the original was that it felt kind of dark and ominous… the bass was deep, very wide (delayed L-R ?) and dominated throughout most of the mix - here your guitar sometimes dwarfs it (e.g. 2:00). Similarly with the drums… I think they too could benefit from more fat… snare a little too ‘toppy’ and toms to my taste could be beefed up a tad also. And, I thought the vocal part at 3:38 was a bit too forward as well.

I think you’re doing a good job and it’s all rather subjective of course, and these are just my initial impressions, i.e. it just needs more ‘balls’ basically :sunglasses:

thanks for your comment Ian ,the bass was played twice left and right on pink floyds original studio version and the mid section was a tremolo (stutter effect) bass ,which every body else would have had to follow for the tempo, dont think you could sync stuff back then, only with your ears .ta ill have another look .