One output for multiple channels not working?


Sending multiple audio channels to one output doesn´t work?
This is what happen to me:
On the mixer i selected multiple audio channels (newly created) and then with shift key i tried to select one common output for all and the result is different outputs …e.g. try to send to “main out"all the channels and channel one goes to “main out” but channel two goes to “out 3-4” and channel three goes to “out 5-6” etc.
The same thing happens with inputs.
Selecting “out 3-4” for all channels changes the sequence e.g. channel one “out 3-4”,channel two"out 5-6”,channel three “main out”…??
Linking the channels gave me the same result.


No, wrong modifier key - also documented in the manuals: [alt+shift].

also documented in the manuals: [alt+shift].

Have you actually seen it in the manual?? I thought this was an undocumented feature. :confused:

Yes - otherwise I hadn´t written that…

OK…cheers…must have been the other connected options such as multi plug insertion or send routing that put this into the undocumented features list.

Thanks for the advice.