One part is blank/white/black

Dorico 3.5. I’m hoping my two screenshots shed some light on the problem. My full score and almost all of my parts look correct. But when I try and create a piano-only score, on the Print page it appears all-white:

and on the Engrave page, it appears all-black:

But other parts (e.g. violin, viola, cello, etc.) are just fine. What am I doing wrong with the piano part?

In Setup mode, are the right flows assigned to the layout? Is the piano player assigned to the layout? You can check this by selecting the Piano layout in the list on the right in Setup mode, and seeing which player(s) and flow(s) appear highlighted in the other 2 panels.

Thanks Lillie. I think it’s set up correctly (?) in that I see piano is ticked on the right, but let me know if something looks wrong:

…or, here it is after clicking on the right side > Layouts > Piano:

Could you show the lower zone (key command Ctrl/Cmd-8 or click the bottom disclosure arrow) so you can see which flows are connected with the piano layout? That’s one of the key “other 2 panels” :wink:

Ah, that solved it. Once I opened that, I noticed there was no flow assigned. Thanks so much for the help!

(I wonder why all other parts worked fine by default, but this one did not.)