One piece, several arrangements

Let’s say I have a piece for which I have several different arrangements – say, for example, “O Holy Night”, as arranged for string quartet,or string trio, or woodwind quintet, or violin and piano, SATB, SAT, and so on – same arrangement but all sorts of somewhat interchangeable combinations of instrumentation.

How would you recommend I organise this in Dorico? Should I
– keep all of the arrangements on the same flow
– keep all of them on different flows
– different projects altogether

I’m just wondering how to utilise Dorico’s flows to better keep these arrangements updated through the latest changes.


I do a lot of this:

  • one flow
  • group players in setup mode for organization
  • multiple layouts, named accordingly

If they are exactly the same arrangement (structure/key/etc) then I recommend this too.

I also use this method a lot. The structure needs to be the same, but different keys can be handled with clef and transposition overrides.