One player with different percussion kit presentation types?

Is it possible for a percussion player to use different percussion kit presentation types in different flows?

I have assigned two instruments to a player: drums and cowbell.
In some flows the player plays drums in other flows cowbell.
I would like the drum parts to be notated with a 5-line-staff and the cowbell with a 2-line-grid.
How can I achieve this with only one player?

You can’t do it with one player, but you can have one percussion kit in one player, a second percussion kit in a second player, and then alter one of the part layouts so that it shows the music from both players (and hides empty staves).

Thank you pianoleo.
That’s what I thought.
I do hope this will be possible in the future.

It’s unlikely that this will become possible in future, because in practical terms there is no problem with having a part layout containing multiple players.

@ Daniel
In the case I described the player plays one instrument per flow, so using two players will work.
But how can I achieve this if the player uses two instruments in one flow?

I don’t understand what you’re saying: instead of imagining that you have a single player with two kits, have two players, each with one kit, and then for the purposes of including those players in part layouts, etc., treat them as if they were a single player, i.e. always include both players in the part layout.

I surely miss something somewhere!

What I would like to achieve is this:
One Percussion player with one staff only.
From bar 1 to 16 the player plays drums and it should be notated in a 5-line staff.
From bar 17 to 32 the player plays cowbell and it should be notated in a 2-line Grid.
From bar 33 to the end the player goes back to drums and it shhould again be notated in a 5-lines staff
I would like this notation in the full score and in the parts.
At the moment I get either a 5-line staff or a grid, not both.

As long as there’s a system break between bar 16 and bar 17, and another system break between bar 32 and bar 33, there’s no problem, is there?

@ pianoleo
In the meantime I guess I now fully understand what you suggest!
It is necessary to use “Hide empty staves” exclusively for the two players but it is also necessary to have specific System Breaks and this may not always fit with the rest of the full score.
But OK, this is a solution.