One player with multiple instruments - keeping everything on a grand staff

I have a synthesizer player that contains multiple instruments corresponding to individual patches on the synth itself (string patch, organ patch, etc.). I’d like to keep these all on a single grand staff, for example with orchestral strings in the treble clef and organ bass clef. But I can’t seem to achieve this - the score and part always have a system of several grand staves. I’ve looked at the condensing feature but don’t see any way to make it work with my single player. Any ideas?

You can’t condense grand staff instruments. I just use a single keyboard grand staff, with staff text (bordered) to denote patch changes. If you really need the sounds to be right you can start and end as many voices as you like and use independent voice playback to divert each voice to a different patch. You’ll need to keep track of which voices use which patches, of course.

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