one question I have with montage .......

Seems to me this should be a simple thing in montage but I can’t find an answer either online or in the manual. I have a CD that has 2 songs that crossfade into each other and I need to move the start point so that the song ID (start point, marker … whatever it is) comes in at the right place. I see where I can add generic markers and I have but I don’t see start points, end points for the actual wav files songs. I dragged the wav files into montage window and they’re all on the same track. Could that be the problem? Do I need to put those 2 songs that crossfade onto a separate track? Like I said, this seems like such a simple thing but it has me stymied!

Thanks in advance for any help.

What version of WL are you using? Elements is limited in this area, compared to full WL.

I’m using WaveLab Elements 8

Ah, well AFAIK in Elements, each separate clip defines a CD track, and you can’t freely place CD track markers. That means you’ll have to prepare your tracks separately, with fades etc, and then place them in the montage. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong - never used Elements…

I actually did that. My song was mixed with a fade out and I just overlapped the 2 wav files together. The problem is that the song that’s coming in from that crossfade is not playing at the start point when being played from the CD I burned.

So there’s no way to adjust a start point of a song with Elements in montage? That seems like one of the most basic things that a mastering program should do. It would be very disappointing if I have to upgrade to the full on Wavelab just for mastering one CD and this simple feature.

In WaveLab Elements, markers are not used as CD track bounds.
One audio clip is one CD track. Hence change the limits of the clips to change the limits of the CD tracks.

So theoretically will a CD track start at the top of a crossfade?

Yes, transition is in the middle.

Odd. If that’s the case, It seems to me that using a crossfade while mastering in Montage with Elements is basically useless then because when the song is indexed and you go directly to it while playing the CD, you end up a second or two before or after depending on the length of the fade. For example, I have 2 songs that have crossfades but I removed the start of the song they are fading into so the fade is actually only on the end of the previous song. Montage places the start time in the middle of the crossfade which jumps the start of the next song.
Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 10.52.05 AM.png
There’s the start of the song but Elements “sees” the start in the middle of that fade. Is there any way to get the ID at the actual start of the song?

Edit … perhaps the way is to put the 2nd song on a separate track instead of crossfading it?

perhaps the way is to put the 2nd song on a separate track instead of crossfading it

Yes, if you want a pause, don’t crossfade.