One REALLY stupid question from Tommy

OK, ok, ok. I spent my last years drinking heavily and for the first time of my life I am actually reinstalling my whoooole music software and hardware system. I always managed to get it working with some booze but I have never really “mastered” the whole thing. So excuse me for asking stupid thing but I haven’t even thought about these earlier:::

  • What is the difference between .HSB and .VSTSOUND files?

I seem to get both of them and for example Halion symph orch has HSB files and I install them customized but the other DVD…

(Halion Symphonic Orchestra came in 2 DVD’s with Cubase 5, it took me 20 minutes to understand that and with my Cubase 6 only came some “instrument sets” - I don’t even know what the hell are those…)

…had only .vstsound files. I mean the OTHER HSO DVD. What are those .vstsound files and how are they used with HSO?? I have no clue so forgive me of being stupid when sober.

And I hate that Cubase software, they all want to install the HSB-files, the vstsound files and what not, to some really arbitrary and random directories. So can I make just ONE folder named “_vstsounds” and one folder named “_hsb” and install EVERYTHING on those DVD’s to appropriate folders?

I mean I have purchased these:

  • Cubase 6.5
  • Groove Agent 3
  • Halion Symphonic Orchestra 1.5 (came as trial with C5 and later activated that)

So they all bring different files with them and I’m all messed up. HSO also installs the DVD 2 materials to my vstsound-folder’s subfolder which it makes automatically. Why is that? Can I just move those .vstsound files from the subfolder
into its parent folder (vstsound) where the HSO DVD 1 vstsound files are? And if not, why?

And I have to use both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, so that’s a whole new issue too. Can I put ALL THE PLUGINS to the SAME master plugins folder (32-bit and 64-bit) -OR- do I necessarily have to make subfolders for 32/64-bits?

And when adjusting settings from within Cubase (plug-in information) then does Cubase also go through the subfolders when searching for plugins?

Phhheww… I hope you can answer some of my questions. But the MAIN question is the matter and role of HSB and VSTSOUND files. I’m sure I could understand them drunk but I’m not gonna try. Thank you.



HSB are Halion Sound banks, VSTSOUND are grouped audiofiles/presets/loops. Both can be copy protected.
The VSTSOUND content is shown in the MediaBay, where you can search for them easily.

In your case the HSB are used with the Halion Symphonic VST plugin, while the VSTSOUND files are used by HalionSonic SE. Their content is the same so far.

As far as I remember, 32 bit and 64 bit plugins have to be in separate folders.

VSTSOUND files are installed by default in specified folder on the System drive, which I don´t like either.
I have read (but not checked out though), that you can install them on another drive/folder, followed by making an Alias/Link to each and every one of these files and move those links to the original Content/VST Sound folder.

On startup Cubase also scans subfolders of the plugin containing folders, but this only works with VST 2.x plugins. VST 3 plugs must be installed in the VST3 folder.

And…please don´t hurt yourself by drinking… rather do music :wink:

Hope this helps.