One score for Trumpet Bb and Tenor Sax Bb

I have a score for a jazz combo where I combine the Trumpet Bb and the Tenor Sax Bb part because their voices are related and it’s helpful for them to see what the other is playing.
Having 2 separate staves is good for the theme. But for the solo choruses, where they play backgrounds, having two staves is overkill. I want them to be condensed on a single stave. For example, they play the same rythm but 10ths apart. Since Tenor Sax Bb is 1 octave below trumpet, this should be notated as 3rds instead of 10ths. However, if I let Dorico condense this section, it notates them as 10ths (Tenor Sax Bb is notated 1 octave lower, so with lots of ledger lines). Is there a way to make it notate this the way I want (without the ledger lines)?

I guess it’s similar to this: Piccolo/Flute Octave Condensing in Same Staff

Seems like this would be useful for all combinations of instruments that sound an octave apart.

The issue is also related to: Octava & Condensing: Feature request + bug report