One screen or two?

Hi all,

I’m setting up Cubase Elements 10 and getting into DAW after being absent from the scene for over 18 years. Steep learning curve!

I have a really simple question: Is it considered essential to use two computer screens (monitors) for sequencing and audio recording work or do most people happily get away with just one?

I’m just a home hobbyist. A lot of my work will be sequencing, then pretty basic audio recording. Can’t really predict how many plugins I’ll be using at this stage.

I’m planning / setting up my workstation and desk space (a bit of home carpentry) and want to know whether to allow for one screen or two. I’d be grateful for any tips or recommendations. Thanks in advance.


Essential? No. Nice to have the real estate? Yes.

For myself I use 3 34- inch LG wide screens. I like having cubase windows and things open at the same time. For example a couple mix consoles, drum editor, etc. I also often keep Wavelab open since the recent re-integration.

IMO, it really depends on your objectives and your own workflow.

IF you go with two make sure the bezel on the screen is super small otherwise it will drive ya nuts looking across it in the middle.

IF you want to have a screen open all the time then yes. This is NOT necessary though as one key stroke brings up your mixer or Inspector.

I had two here and now one, I dig one better

You will know if you need two BTW, depends how you like to work. Many guys like their plugins and or mixer showing on one screen all the time

Cubase has WORKSPACES for this BTW, works great

Im on a 27" screen here although Id like one 34" someday

2… But we can get really long ones now, with out the extra height. If prices are right get one of those instead. The bezel doesn’t really bother me but it would remove that issue. I prefer the classic, mixer on left, arrangement on right.

As many as practical.
It’s fine to mix all sorts of screen sizes and resolutions.
Use what you got.

Hi Admiral
Welcome to the Cubase family :slight_smile:

I use two screens,thats what I have been used to,while using other DAWs in the past. I tend to have the editor open in one, and the arrangement in the other,as an example.

Just recently upgraded to a couple of larger 21.5 screens,that where on offer. I have no space for larger screens,other than what I bought.

You can use keystrokes to open editors (as mentioned in a previous post) for sure.But always nice to have another screen,for quick referencing etc

Use and create the workflow that works for you :slight_smile:

I run two copies of Cubase. One on my laptop and other on my PC. One screen is fine with recording stuff but I find it way easier to mix and produce on two monitors.
But before you commit to Cubase 10 a fair warning. Current version is a buggy, crashing pile of crap, not worth a single penny.
I would suggest version 9,5 if you can get it. It’s the last stable and good version. DO NOT BUY Cubase 10.

i use with Cubase 10 three Monitors

Two monitors are comfortable for sure, usually one for project, one for the mixer. Three are even nicer, guess I could easily get used to 4 :slight_smile:

I have five - would do with 2 as soon as I replace for of the olde ones with 1 bigscreen.
The current fifth monitor is close to my eyes on the left side of my studio desk - it serves as a magnifier.

Cheers, Ernst

I used to run two screens but I now run one 4K 32inch monitor. I run it at full resolution and don’t scale anything. I just have to make sure I put my glasses on! I love it as I get as much as 4 hd monitors on one screen.

If you have a screen big enough, 1 is fine. If you don’t like squeezing your “windows”, then 2 might ease your work flow. 3 if you want to look like a pro. I have seen studios that run 6, but a couple of the screens are just “bling, bling!”… Start with 1 and see how it goes… All the best!!!