One semitone above

hi, i have a problem that is driving me mad.
when i create a new project, everything’s fine, but when i open an old project, everything’s a semitone higher. for me that i’m a perfect pitch ear is like hell. can someone help?


Most often this happens, if the Project’s Sample Rate doesn’t match the Audio Device’s Sample Rate. One of them is set to 44.1kHz, the other one is set to 48kHz. Please, double-check.

it was this, i don’t really know how to thank you


You can see the Project’s Sample Rate in the Project Setup [Shift+S].

If I’m not mistaken, if there is an issue, Cubase shows an orange message on top of the Project window, in the Status Line.

it didn’t show it, but i went to the audio system that i used and i put the sample rate to 44100