One Send feeding multiple FX Tracks

Hi, is it possible that different FX Track has the same send input?
For example on the vocal track I want to create one send named “Reverb” and I want this to feed multiple FX Tracks, like “Plate”, “Hall”, “Spring”, ecc…

I fast run out of Send slots especially on the Lead Vocal track, this can be a Huge game changer for me!

No, the send is attached to the FX track.

Automation? Just enable the effect in the FX track, that is currently active. Bypass the others.

My workaround is to add an extra track only used as a “send hub” in between:
Make a new Track (or Group/FX channel) > Name it Vox Send (or simular) > Send your vocal here (1. Send slot set to post fader) > Then use this new track/group/FX channel for up to 8 different vocal sends.
Sending from this 1. send slot (main vocal) will feed all 8 in the “Vox Send” track at once (same value).

PS. Set all the sends on the new track/group to pre-fade and pull the fader all the way down.

This should give you a total of 15 sends for your vocal (in said example)… The 7 remaining on the vocal track itself + the 8 new on the new “Vox Send” track/group (which will be fed the same level, by the 1. Send on the org vocal track).