one session, two instruments, how to automation for only one ?

Hi all,

First of all, I apologize if the subject has already been posted, but I am not confortable with the forum and the key-words I shall use for such a research.

Here is my problem :
let’s say I create a new instrument track with HALion 6, like a “mother track”. In its graphic interface, I load 2 programs, like a bass as #1 and a trumpet as #2. Then I create a new MIDI track, kind of a “daughter track” and I pay attention to set the channel on “2” in the inspector on the left side. Voice #1 for bass, voice #2 for trumpet.

If I input a volume automation on the “mother track”, the upper one, like on the attached file above, it will affect “the daughter track” the same way.
I would like to dissociate the automation effect. Is it possible ? or since there is a “mother track” any of “the daughter tracks” will be concerned by the “mother” automation settings ?

I hope I made myself clear and thank any of you for any answer :slight_smile:
from France.