One shot slur?

I’d love a slur keybind that was “one and done” i.e. slur the very next note I enter from the one I just did, and the immediately and deterministically exit slur mode.

The stateful ness of the slur keybind combined with it actually not being a very operation makes it really easy to get “out of sync”.

Use AutoHotKey on Windows, whatever similar on Mac, If I understand what you want.

That won’t work because it can’t know when I’ve entered the second note.

I tend to do slurs on a ‘second pass’ over the notes. Select the notes to be slurred (first and last), and press S.
If it’s just a two-note slur, just select the first one.

I do most things that “aren’t notes” on the second pass; which is also an opportunity to proof-read the notes. I don’t think I’m slower than I would be if I were entering everything in Note Entry.


Also, as long as there a no slurs after the currently selected one, you can just navigate to the right and it will select the next note. (If you do have slurs ahead then it will navigate to the next one)