One staff in score, several parts


I have a Trumpet in C in the score. I would like to create an extra part layout with the same music but for Trumpet in Bb. What is the best way to do this?


In setup add a player for trumpet in Bb. This staff will appear in Score layout. Go tot Write mode and In the score layout, copy the C trumpet staff (select the first object and do Edit>select to end of flow.) Paste into the Bb staff (e.g. by alt-clicking the same initial object position.) With the full score layout selected in Setup, de-select the Bb Player on the left, to restore your score.


So, in any case, I always have to create a new instrument and copy the music there? I thought there might be a way of just having one player and two separate layouts in different transpositions.

There isn’t yet, but we plan to add one, as it’s quite a common requirement for wind/brass ensemble music.

Is it sacrilegious to suggest that you write it i Bb so you can print it either with or without transposition? <:-)

Hi Daniel,
I don’t know if this is achievable. Sometimes parts for say Eb and F horn have a few notes that have to be different.
It would be good to do this but still have it largely automated.

Smart, thank you! I did what you said and also created an extra layout including the trumpet player and renamed it to Trumpet (C). It seems that the setting for Concert or Transposed pitch can be different on different layouts so this works perfectly.

So, in my opinion, not sacrilegious at all :slight_smile:

Happy to be of assistance for once <:-)