One staff - two instruments?

Forgive me for this very basic question. – How can I join the Piccolo and Flute staves? They appear separately in page view. The switch of instruments occurs within one page.
I unchecked “Allow instrument changes” in the Layout options because this option produces chaotic results in the percussion staff. But even if I check this box the two staves appear separately.

It’s one player in Setup mode, and the player holds two instruments. Expand the flute player and add a piccolo instrument.

This is what I have done.
2 instruments 1 staff

You’ll need to attach your project here in order for us to be able to provide any further assistance.

Yes, upload a project! It’s so useful!

Perhaps there is something hidden in one of the instruments that is preventing the change.

One thing I’ll note is that if you’re trying to use condensing, it is currently impossble to condense two instruments with different implied octave transpositions, even if the written notes are the same OR the instrument in question isn’t even in use at that point.

This is most relevant if you have, say,2. flutes with one also doubling picc. There is currently no way that I’m aware (short of copy and pasting entire flows into dummy staves), to have that condense as 1 stave when both are playing flute, and on two staves when one is one picc.

Voluntarily. It is on the last page of the piece.
Re-Cycle II 01.01.24.dorico (3.4 MB)

When I open your project, I see only the piccolo shown on the final page of the full score layout, and the flute shown on the previoous page, so I can’t see the issue.

I am sorry, I grabbed an older version! So I re-uploaded the file in the previous post; here is a pdf of the last page.
Re-Cycle II (5).pdf (77.8 KB)

You don’t have “Allow Instrument Changes” checked in the score layout.

Enable that and…

Hi @lim.usic in addition to the suggestions above, here the link to the manual. There are many very accurate information about instrument changing:

Just remember generally that layout options are, well, layout specific (you can select which layout are you setting the options for, in the list of Layouts in the right part of the Layout Option window), and the “Partitur” (or Full Score) is also a layout that need his specific option to be set as desired (as @TylerE suggests) and you can then deactivate this option (Allow instrument changes) in your Percussion layout if it doesn’t bring the desired result.

For some reason this does not work in my case; the two instruments show both up on the last page. “Allow instrument changes” enabled and no hidden notes!

if possible, please upload your .dorico project (in the version which is giving you the problem) in it’s file format .dorico

Voluntarily! The problem occurs on the last page.

Re-Cycle II.dorico (3.4 MB)

I think it is unavoidable because both instruments are required to play in the same system.

A workaround would be to notate the final bar in the Flute and add text “Picc.”

This really is strange. I have found nothing that should prevent Dorico from showing these two instruments within the same staff.

Even if I activate “Show instrument change warnings” for the Score layout, the score will correctly show the “Zu Picc.” label at the correct position - yet still showing both staves.

I guess, one of the “higher ups” will have to take a look.

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Thank you for your investigation.