One step copy and paste?

Hi Guys - I’m a pretty new CB user - I used Digital Performer for years. So far I like CB quite a bit - I actually think it somehow SOUNDS better than my old DAW. But there are a few things I haven’t been able to figure out yet. In DP i could very easily copy an entire section of an arrangement by just highlighting it with my mouse, selecting it for copy, and then pasting it somewhere else where it would seamlessly integrate into my arrangement. In CB, I have to use the range tools to select the sections I want, adding extra steps to the process. Does anybody know if there’s a setting I can adjust somewhere In CB that would enable me to get the same easy “highlight and grab” type of copy paste that I used to have in Digital Performer?

In the Project Window you can just select multiple Parts with the Arrow Selection Tool. Then ctrl+D will copy & past (i.e. duplicate) the Parts immediately after your selected Parts. If you want them copied elsewhere ctrl+C copies the selection and ctrl+V will paste it at the position of the cursor. Or you can alt+drag the selected Parts to move a copy to a new location.