one stroke multi note tremolo

hi everyone,

is there a way to notate two dotted half notes with a one stroke multi note tremolo in 3/4 time? so far I can only get two half notes and two quarter notes with the one stroke tremolo.



When you input the dotted quarters with Force Duration on, so that they are displayed as a dotted quarters instead of tied eighths and quarters, you can connect them with the tremolo. I don’t understand why the Force Duration is necessary here, I think it should be irrelevant.

That’s something I have been asking for quite a while now… but since there is a workflow fir it, it certainly is not as urgent ad implementing new stuff (I’m waiting for the great implementation of brackets and braces, and advanced staff labellings, and reduction…)
So far I’m glad to know that it will probably be easier in due course, but for now I use force duration.

thanks! ya ,forced duration works ,I thought I had tried that but guess I didn’t

thanks again,

And the shortcut in the shift-r popover is /2 or //2 or ///2…