One thing I dearly miss from Pro Tools, GUI-wise?

I’ll tell you: The fact that in PT you can so very easily and instantly adjust the volume, pan, aux levels, etc., on any channel without having to click the channel first to get to the inspector, then go over to the inspector and possibly click again because it’s on, say, the insert page, etc.

Feature Request here: Please support over there if you agree (can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t agree, if it’s user-configurable/enabled like the other track controls and icons currently are) so we can try to make this happen!

The way Pro Tools has the channels laid out in its project window is so fast and intuitive, and I really do miss that. Some other DAWs have a similar thing going, too. Cubase kicks ass, but for things like this it requires far more clicks than would be necessary in Pro Tools. I know that’s a big GUI re-design, and that people who for some reason enjoy clicking and moving the mouse a lot to get simple things like these done would get angry at first; but it really is significantly faster, more intuitive, and more efficient than the click-heavy/mouse-heavy approach Cubase/Nuendo have with this particular thing.

Don’t know if Steinberg will ever implement that kind of design change…but once everyone got used to it, there would be no looking back I bet. :slight_smile:

Could you please post a video or at least screen shots what you exactly mean? Perhaps we would create a feature request…

Take a look at the channel editor and expose the routed channels. You can keep it open and you will be able to adjust any send etc… without even having the Inspector open. I keep it open on monitor 2 at all times.

Here is an example … I have a MIDI track selected in the arrange page. The channel editor shows all downstream output associated with the selected track. Sorry, I didn’t have anything open with sends and such.

I know about this, yes. But it’s not what I’m missing from PT, which requires no clicking at all – you just simply move your mouse to any type of channel in the project window on the left and you can adjust pan, volume, sends, full I/O, and more without having to select any channel to get to another window or inspector that you then have to click and adjust. What’s so much better about it is that no extra clicks or windows are required; it’s all right there in the main track list in the project window. Fast and efficient…no clicking on the channel then moving the mouse to another window or monitor to adjust. :slight_smile:

Take a look here:

And you can of course customize it to show almost whatever you’d like to be able to adjust. In the pic above it’s not showing sends for example, but you can easily have it do that.

Looks potentially useful but can’t be sure…a higher res. screen grab would be interesting.

Am I right in assuming that you need to have pretty large track heights for this to work…or are they fully adjustable like in Cubase?

Basically what In-Stereo is saying is that PT manages to show, in the same space that the track name panels and the inspector take up in Cubase, ALL the controls for ALL the channels.

There is NO NEED for an inspector style panel, because they’ve fitted it all in to the same space!

There are still collapsable panels to show / hide controls in PT in much the same way as the Inspector works, but the overriding difference is that you have ALL the controls for EVERY channel visible at once - not just your selected track as with Cubase.

There is a downside though - your track heights have to be quite large in order to see all the controls in PT. However on balance, its a much more streamlined approach.

+1 for this please. I’m all for more of the most useful things being displayed by default.

In fact, I think quite often there’s a bit too much padding and spare space in the Cubase GUI. I like the PT philosophy of keeping it neat and compact. SB could streamline a little to use the screen real-estate more efficiently.



never used protools ,but for many youtube videos i saw with protools users(pensados place for example) i always noticed how he can mix or adjust basic parameters and inserts/sends from the project window without clicking to select channel.
so +1 for that

It’s a better-designed approach that requires far less mousing about and clicking. Even just having pan and volume on every type of channel in Cubase without having to click and navigate to the inspector would be a step in the right direction.

If you’re trying to fit everything on one screen then, yes, I’d agree but I have the mixer open on a second screen so the controls are all there anyway…and to more tracks than would be possible if at the edge of the min screen.

I have the same setup as you do (two large monitors, one for the Project Window and one for the Mix Console), and I will say that once you use a DAW like PT or Reaper or many others that have this (at the minimum, pan and volume), you will enjoy how simple and faster it is to make quick and immediate adjustments on the fly without having to mouse over to the mix console on the second screen (or click the channel then mouseover to the Inspector - both are extra steps that simply don’t need to be there for fast and efficient on-the-fly adjustments). It’s a very noticeable difference in the work I do day in and day out here, and is one thing that Cubase could really use (user configurable, of course, just like it is PT and some others, in case for some reason someone doesn’t want it).

FYI, to all who support this feature that would benefit all: I just put it on the Feature Request page, so let’s get many responses to it there:

You forgot having to focus a different window, which is an additional click on the mix console window assuming your project page is currently focused. :smiley: I have been asking for better focus/navigation since C7.

Yes, that too! Cubase is the most click-heavy and mousing-heavy DAW I’ve used. I do love it overall, but this is an area that absolutely needs significant attention.

+1 for the way PT has the volume and pan set up for quick and easy access.

James (and others), can you quickly go here: and support the thread in the Feature Request forum? Thanks!

If I were to try a DAW with this feature I might indeed like it but since I’ve been using Cubase since the Atari days, never used another DAW and Cubase does more than I need and my mind is almost certainly heading towards the days when learning new stuff is becoming harder I think it’s unlikely I’ll try a new DAW anytime soon so we’ll probably never know. :slight_smile:

I’m not against the feature but don’t see it benefiting my way of working…maybe it’s because I’m still (in my head) still using a hardware mixer.

Well as far as volume and pan thoughts, Cubase system is very good because it handles those per-object in the Arranger window. That is very good way, I think. Preferable for songwriting but perhaps not for just mixing audio stems.
Never had to do extra clicks for volume and panning in project window because my inspector is always open to that page. Perhaps if I had a different inspector tab open then I would have to first select the top tab with volume and pan.
Sends and routing I agree could be more intuitive and less nestled.

But you do have to do an extra click and mouse movement regardless of what your inspector is showing. In the situation I’m describing in PT and many other DAWs, all you need to do is directly grab a volume or pan on the track itself (where the track title is, etc.) without having to first click to select the track and then mousing over to the inspector track.This really does save a lot of needless clicking and mousing about.