One thing I hate in the new forums ...

Why can’t you post questions in the other Steinberg product forums … unless you already own the product?

I have a lot of questions about Halion Sonic. Even though I am a registered Steinberg customer they won’t let me post a question in the Halion Sonic forum. They want we to post to some other general issue forum … where only Steinberg essentially answers the questions … not the end users.

I know a demo is provided … but what good is it if you can’t sort your questions out as you are contemplating buying it?

I think this policy is short-sighted and demeaning to customers.


And while I’m at it … why is there no link from the forum to the regular Steinberg pages where MyAccount is?


Yes, they haven’t quite gotten it right yet, but let’s face it, the old forum was almost destroyed by moronic trolls and software thieves. If it hadn’t been for that type of abuse, there wouldn’t be any problem. I don’t think Steinberg are trying to be insulting to their customers, on the contrary … they’re trying to ensure that genuine customers get extra value for having paid for the product.

I understand your frustration but this is yet another unfortunate consequence of mindless software piracy.

I think it would make sense to let registered users of one SB product participate in the other SB product forums.

C6 was installed and registered yesterday but I’ve been reading threads here for a while. I gotta say that the overall tone, especially with the blend of PC and Mac users seems to be working very well.

Yeah, i totally agree!
It makes no sense what so ever! It really sucks!
Steinberg - fix it!

@MrSoundman … it is not whether Steinberg intends to insult their customers. It’s whether what they do is insulting.

I’m not sure how trolls and thieves managed to get into the other forum, as I believe you require a valid elicense key to join … but if they did before, they can again.

I see your points and recognize them as a valid point of view … but one with which I disagree.


The “Welcome to Steinberg” forum is where posts for other (currently unowned) products are made.

^ I said that without naming it in my opening post … but that’s not … as I also said … where the users hangout.


Understood but if there is no question then no answer will follow.

The more I think about this, the more sense it makes. Anyone can read any of the forums, but having a license to gain entry means that the discussions will be more or less focused on user needs and concerns.


The gains overall outweigh any perceived losses.


The losses are not perceived, they are real. Registered Steinberg product owners can no longer post in other forums. It is the gains that are perceived, since there is not yet any demonstrable event proving such exist.

Please don’t confuse your forum username with the fact that your opinion is only one among others. So far the majority responding to this thread disagree with you.


Any question I’ve asked has been answered even in this forum.

Maybe you could post this in “Forum Issues”.

Thanks for the suggestion. I prefer to post where I think there will be the greatest impact … which in my opinion is here.

Since this is not an issue for you, as you’ve stated, I’m not sure why you are still concerned with this thread. I myself would have left it had I not noted that your next to last comment was in my opinion an inaccurate characterization of the issues. I can happily disagree, but I do not care to see my legitimate concern characterized as a “perceived loss” when to me and I think in any logical use of the language it is real: I once had something as a customer that has been taken from me.

My experience has been less productive than yours. Howling Ulf has attempted to help me with my Flexiphrase questions, but is admittedly unsure of any answer, inasmuch as he is not yet an owner.


As long as the post is in context no problem but to expect other users to tolerate ad hoc questions about things unrelated to the actual forum (sub) in question is counter to the aims of the forum.

And whence your pontification on the aims of the forum? Are you an official representative of Steinberg?

You certainly seem to have a great and persistent interest in having the last say on an issue, which you define as unimportant to you.


I do not work for Steinberg but I do understand the issue which is that we cannot post a question in a sub-forum where there is no owned product or follow up/participate in threads made by others.

I am of the view however that if no question is posted in the (most) appropriate place then one cannot expect an answer and that abstaining on the basis of boycott is not a good strategy.

Perhaps non-owners could get a small quota of questions in each forum?

I think if for example you start a thread asking about HALion in the Welcome forum, and then it is moved to VST Instruments that the OP should be able to comment but only for that thread and only if they have a registered (hardware dongled) product.

Is this possible in the software would anyone know?

I believe that as some products didn’t use a dongle number some peeps got in by pretending own one of these products

There’s a few regular Music Lounge people who aren’t here now.