One thing I would like: Allow numeric entry decibel value in mixer’

Hi everyone!

One thing I would like is to be able to type-in a decibel value in the mixer, instead of fighting the fader to set the exact number I want.



Yes, I agree this would be useful. We’re planning to add it in future.


@MikeInBoston just by the way. I myself manage several Discourse servers, and I always ask users to put a title that is good for archival searches. Better may be ‘Allow numeric entry decibel value in mixer’. That way also if people have no interest in the topic they don’t have to click into the topic to find out. Just a polite suggestion and in no way a criticism. I 'm not a moderator but this is something I just naturally pick up on.

And yes, it annoys me too!

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Your wish is my command :wink:

Yes, Andro, thanks for the advice.

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