One track tempo stays same with fixed tempo change

I’m in CB 6 Elements.
I have 4 MIDI tracks and am in FIXED tempo at 60.
When I change it to 40, three of the tracks move left and play at the slower speed.
However one of the tracks remains stationery and plays at the original 60 tempo.
Why ? What gives ?



There of the tracks are in Musical Mode, and the 4th track is in Linear Mode. There is a button in the track controls:

  • Orange Note = Musical Mode (follows the tempo)
  • Grey Clock = Linear Mode (keeps its time position)

Hi Martin. It’s confusing when people use the term “Musical mode” to describe “Musical time base”. What then do we make of Musical Mode for an audio file on a track that is is in Linear Time Base? Is it both in Musical Mode, and not?
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I’m sorry, of course, you are right SteveInChicago.